Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling are made by combining DMLS technology with conventional processes such as CNC machining, EDM machining, etc.




Rapid Tooling - benefits

  • short time for production of mold by using DMLS technology
  • lower price prototype molds
  • single-component and two-component moldings
  • production of prototype parts from a material which will be used in mass production
  • complex forms can be manually disassemble

Technical Specification - Rapid Tooling by DMLS

  • technology: DMLS - Direct Metal Laser SinteringEOSINT M270 - DMLS
  • machine: EOSINT M270
  • workspace: 250x250x215 mm
  • imput 3D data: *.stl
  • material molds: MS1 - 1.2709 / DM20
  • heat treatment from 32 HRC up to 54 HRC (MS1 - 1.2709)
  • recommended allowance for subsequent machining (CNC, EDM, polishing, etc.)


Rapid Tooling

Prototypový výlisek - 1
Prototypový výlisek - 2
Prototypový výlisek - 4
Prototypový výlisek - 5
Prototypový výlisek - 6
Prototypový výlisek - 7
Prototypový výlisek - 8

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Rapid Prototyping of plastics and metal prototype parts.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

- hi-end technology
- applications from prototype to serial parts
- change your way to the production of parts, production without limits

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