3D scanner

3D scanner is used to quickly and accurately digitize the real parts. The output format is a 3D polygon optimized network (*. STL), which can be further processed in CAD (creation of 3D models), CAE (Analysis), CAM (Direct Milling), Rapid Prototyping (direct production of metal or plastic prototypes).


3D scanner - applications

  • digitization of real parts and conversion to 3D data
  • Rapid Prototyping - metal prototypes and plastic prototypes
  • inspection of parts with CAD data
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Digital Mock-Up
  • Direct Milling
  • Virtual Reality

Technical Specification - 3D scanner

  • resolution CCD chip is 800 000 points to 1 shot
  • 4 measuring volume: 100x100 mm, 250x250 mm, 500x500 mm, 1000x800mm (1bod=1mm)
  • scanning shiny and transparent objects
  • scanning soft materials
  • CAD interface: IGES, VDA, STEP, CATIA, ProE UG
  • 3D output formats: STL (polygon optimized network), IGES (only for section curve)
  • inspection: comparison of CAD data with real shape (square deviation color map, sections, variation points), alignment (Best Fit, RPS points, 3-2-1), the output of the measurement protocol formats (HTML, PDF) certification by PTB and NIST


3D Scanner

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3D skenování 2

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Rapid Prototyping of plastics and metal prototype parts.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

- hi-end technology
- applications from prototype to serial parts
- change your way to the production of parts, production without limits

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