Vacuum Casting

Technology vacuum casting is suitable for prototyping and medium serial production of metallic materials. Through the use of vacuum technology products show almost no defects. This technology is suitable for the production of complex shaped metal parts from the size of only a few millimeters to medium sized parts of approx. 100x100x350 mm..


Technical Specifications - Vacuum Casting

Stroj VPC066

  • machine: Schultheiss VPC066
  • workspace: 150 x 400 mm (diameter x height)
  • melt volume: up to 400 cm3 (including the boss)
  • casting pressure: 2 bar
  • materials: aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, zinc, precious metals
  • max. part size: approx. 100 x 100 x 350 mm


  • production of the wax model: model is produced on a 3D printer
  • manufacture of molds for metal casting: mold making is carried out under vacuum from forming compounds
  • casting in machine VCP066
  • final cleaning: cleaning product from molding compounds






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